UF Starfleet Astraios

It’s about roleplay. That answers the question as to why a group of intrepid Trekkie’s have made their home on 3rd Rock Grid.

“We all belong to a group called United Federation Starfleet, which has ‘chapters’ online and in real life, of Trek fans, who get together for various activities,” says Captain Poison Toocool, Colony Commander of Astraios Colony. “On 3rd Rock Grid, we have created a Starfleet ‘realm’ for the use of our members as well as civilians and guests, to walk, work, talk, and play as sentient beings residing in the year of 2388. Our history incorporates the many shows and movies, in particular, Star Trek Voyager. We take inspiration from canon, and then ‘write’ our collective and individual histories, acting as people would in those situations.”

Roleplayers can take classes and participate in simulations to assist them in understanding the background and their assigned job on the bridge of the ship or station on which they are posted. “We have the ranks, the branches, academy, ships, stations, protocols, tools… everything we can make to help create the world of Star Trek virtually,” adds Toocool.

“So… I am Captain Poison Toocool, roleplaying Star Trek as an avatar in the metaverse of 3rd Rock Grid. Myself and my crew are tasked with the mission of ‘broadening horizons’ within the Gamma Quadrant. We offer an immersive Trek experience for every avatar, with a fully functioning Starfleet Academy as well as missions on the station and a variety of NPC vessels, including our flagship, the Galaxy-class USS Neil Armstrong. We aim to provide great roleplay opportunities, activities, a sense of belonging, and–most importantly –fun.”

Visitors are welcome to explore, observe and participate! Contact poisontoocool@gmail.com, check out http://starfleetastraois.blogspot.ca/ for more information or head over to United Federation Starfleet region on 3RG and have a look!


One thought on “UF Starfleet Astraios

  1. Astraios AutumnFest Treasure Hunt – 3,000+ in prizes
    The first annual Astraios AutumnFest is happening on Saturday & Sunday September 7th and 8th, on 3rd Rock Grid. As part of the celebrations, UFS Astraios has a full schedule of events and performances each day from 9am until 2pm.

    One of the fun features of the Fest is our Treasure Hunt, which begins 8am Sat 130907 and runs until 1pm Sun 130908. The Hunt winds you through our eight new sci-fi themed regions, all adjacent to UF Starfleet Astraios, following clues and receiving specially made individual prizes as each treasure is located.

    Those who complete the entire Hunt and find all the individual prizes, will have their names added to the hat for the Grand Prize drawing — a total of 3,000 Geodes to be divided between 4 lucky Treasure Hunters… this draw will take place during a special “Starfleet Boogie” on Sun 130908 between 1pm and 2pm. Stick around for the amazing fireworks by Tommy Parrott to close the weekend!

    We hope you will come on out and take part in this exciting event!!

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